Dating prince albert tobacco cans

To bring top prices tins need to be in good condition without areas of the lithography scraped off, without fading, rust, dents or other defects and preferably with a nice shine to the finish of the tin.

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A large tin sign picturing both the chief and a Prince Albert tobacco tin sold recently for $8,400, proving that Prince Albert tobacco is no joke. The style of mark on your pitcher dates it to 1927-'28.

If it's in great condition, it's worth $100 or more. I own some beautiful cut-glass pieces that belonged to my grandparents. It probably is possible, assuming the split is clean and in a cut, not clear, part of the glass.

" The druggist's answer, "Yes," was followed by the young prankster's response, "Then let him out," followed by peals of laughter. Today, Cushman smoking stands sell for $150 to $300. I have a pottery pitcher painted gold with a long-tailed orange, blue and green parrot-shaped handle. When that company could no longer provide the pitchers, the retailer sent a sample to Camark, and Camark started making the pitchers for both the retailer and its own customers.

The brand also used Chief Joseph, a Nez Perce Indian chief, as an advertising symbol in 1913-'14. The impressed die-stamped mark on the bottom of the pitcher is "Camark Pottery" within an outline of the state of Arkansas. The pitcher is in perfect condition, and I'm wondering what it's worth. "Camark Pottery" was the trademark used by Camden Art Tile and Pottery Co. The pitchers were made in a number of different colors and sizes and were produced for several years.

If your tin isn’t one of the brands mentioned in the Entry Level section, but it’s not listed on the site, then it’s probably a mid level tin.

However, we don’t have every tin out there listed on the site so if you think your tin might be valuable, feel free to send us a picture to look at and we’ll be happy to help.

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Common brands seen as entry level tins are Prince Albert, Velvet, Tuxedo, Sir Walter Raliegh, Dill’s Best, Model, and Union Leader.

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