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You will not find better value woodblock prints than those by Kotozuka as he has not yet been recognised by many collectors.

NAKAZAWA, HIROMITSU was born in Tokyo and lived from 1874 to 1964 .

Like all woodblock artists from the 19th Century he created his own versions of some of the older series but his work is uniquely individual in style and displays his amazing artistic insight and creativity.

KUNISADA, UTAGAWA was born in the Honjo district in 1786.

He entered the school of Utagawa Toyokuni the 1st (1786 to 1825) around 1800 as an apprentice at the age of 14.

In his early teens he became a student of Utagawa Kunisada and later Chikanobu.

He was an alcoholic and playboy but created excellent scenes of everyday life, Kabuki drama and the beautiful women who had become part of his lifestyle.

It is usual for there to be six carved woodblocks for the creation of a single colour print.

Woodblock artists paint the entire picture then break it down into pieces which utilise up to a maximum of three colours for each woodblock to be carved.A list of artists in our range is as follows: CHIKASHIGE, MORIKAWA was a pupil of Kunichika and very little is known about his life or background.Some researchers claim that he lived from 1835 until 1900 but I have never seen any factual evidence of this.His series ASANO, TAKEJI was born in Kyoto in 1900 and lived to 1999. During his Life he Created Over 600 Different Woodblock Scenes and he is Recognised as one of Most Prolific and Most Talented of Shin Hanga Artists.In 1930, along with other members of the Creative Print Society, he contributed to a series of prints titled “Creative Prints of Twelve Months in New Kyoto” (Sosaku-hanga shin Kyoto junikagetsu). It is no wonder that a Year Prior to his Death he was Honored with the Title of a Living National Treasure. He was Born in Asakusa, Tokyo, and became a student of Kiyotaka at the Age of 13.What has been documented is that virtually all of his known work was created between 18.

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