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For one night only, Paddy Mc Guinness will work his match-making magic on a special line-up of ‘Flirty Thirty’ single Golden Girls, all looking for their ‘happily ever after’ TAZXklqqo— ITV Press Centre (@itvpresscentre) May 30, 2018 MORE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT POLDARK SEASON 4 The show’s host Paddy Mc Guinness spoke about the special episode.

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Once some, none or fewer of the women have declared themselves out, the host makes his way over for a brief chat with some of the women to see why they made the choice they did.

The second and third rounds often swap places in the running order, but each round sticks to the same format each time it is played.

Although the name isn't real, Fernando's, where the couples were sent on their dates in the first series, is a real nightclub, and not a purpose-built set.

The club is actually called Bijou, and is located on Manchester's Chapel Street, near the city's arena.

If two women remain then they are each asked the same question by the man, to which they must provide an answer on the spot, the more suggestive the better.

If more than two woman remain after the end of round three, then the man must walk along the row of podiums, and turn off the lights of the women he is not interested in, leaving just two to answer his question.

The image being superimposed on the backdrop is a live performance taking place on the staircase just below where we're viewing this panorama from - the sparks you see at the bottom are the same ones seen on the "screen".

The other round sees a video clip played of the man talking about themselves, their hobbies and interests, and what they look for in a women.

"Proving that it’s never too late to date, I’ve gathered together 30 fabulous older ladies hoping to match with the silver fox of their dreams.

Paddy Mc Guinness ITV2 coverage (Take Me Out: The Gossip): Mark Wright (2012-), Zoe Hardman (2012-4), Laura Jackson (2015-) Talkback Thames for ITV1, 2 January 2010 to 7 April 2012 (35 episodes in 3 series) Thames for ITV1, 6 October 2012 to present Take Me Out: The Gossip Thames for ITV2, 7 January 2012 to present Paddy Mc Guinness, the seemingly self-appointed "General Love-meister", hosts a dating programme in which 30 single women are looking for love.

No foreign holidays here, just a visit to what we were told is Manchester's most exclusive nightclub, Fernando's.

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