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It is like an addiction that we grasp onto because having a connection like this is unlike any other.

The drama of the love obsession seems to be proportional to the degree of how ones energy centers were melded and opened up, creating lots of bliss as if we were one soul.

Our level of earlier emotional childhood wounding can also exacerbate the vulnerability we have for getting into such a love bite.

When ones energy centers are blown open this way, there can be positive side effects, such as kundalini rising, blissful energy in various parts of the body.

One may experience expanded psychic awareness, love and other emotions. There can also be unpleasant emotional lability and a triggering of all ones inner psychological wounds all at the same time.

Listing yourself on a dating site is no longer daunting or seen as an act of desperation.

RSVP's profile guide tells people to be specific, elaborate on any why's, eliminate cliches, check for bragging, don't define yourself by what you don't want; be truthful, and include your five most positive characteristics.

I don’t like to hide things and I like everything to be out in the open.

It can be scary and intimidating to a lot of people.

Australian-owned sites RSVP and Oasis Active both use key words to search for people with common interests.

Oasis guides people as they are filling in the various sections of their profiles and uploading images about the , while Dating Disabled has a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section that includes information on profile preparation.

They may find themselves suddenly being noticed “by the opposite sex” when they had not really been noticed before.

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