Dating scan holles st

Hey if your worried and have having spotting you can always ring holles st and tell them. I was only 6 weeks at the time but kinda felt like all my symptoms had disappeared.

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Dating scan holles st

Mini scan at every appointment and big scan at 20 weeks!

I paid for a scan at 12 weeks in ultrasound dimensions in Blackrock and that scan was amazing, well worth the money and way way clearer than any of my holles street scans and pics were better quality!

I'm the first of my family and friends to go through this so I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm thinking of going semi-private in either Holles St or the Coombe.

Thank you so much Hi, I gave birth in both and by far I had a much better experience in the Coombe. one thing that made me pick Coombe was there overdue policy(10days) V Holles St (14days) also the visiting policy when I was picking this time last year meant my parents could visit in the evening. It can occur at any given time normally between week 10 and 14 of pregnancy, depends on when yourfirst appointment scheduled for.

You're probably going to have a big variety of responses on this as it is so often based on personal preferences, but for me it's the Coombe. I was public on both my previous pregnancies and am public on this one, all in the Coombe, so can't give you feedback about pricing or Holles st. also the coombe public wards have 6 beds but Holles street was more. You ALWAYS get it on your first visit, no exceptions.I had a scan done at 7 weeks in Holles street and even though it is just a little tiny (very cute) blob, they gave me a pic of that. If you were only going to have the private scan just for the picture, I really would not bother.FP Yup they give you a pic on your dating scan, if they don't get your hubby/partner to take a pic on there phone and just print it out, we never had to ask for a pic they just gave it to us, but DH ALWAYS took pic himself on his phone and they are brilliant.I don't want to be asked about it and not know how to answer the questions, and seem irresponsible, but I don't want to do the whole awkward conversation with him, if I don't need too. But are you interested to know if there are any genetic issues?WWYD if you were in my position having been through this step before? I can't remember anyone ever asking me for much in the way of medical history. I was seen much earlier on dd1 because I was an inpatient due to hyperemesis. Clicky hips, haemophilia, are two I heard of recently which people mention in that appointment.Hi guys Sorry if there is a topic on this already, i searched and could not find anything. I am booked in for the 25th November with Holles St Semi Private for my 12 week check.

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