Dating shy quiet guy

Men who are both shy and quiet may be that way because they get exhausted by dealing with people, or they may feel awkward in social situations.There is also a chance he may be insecure or unsure of his ability to carry on an intelligent conversation.

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Men who are shy and quiet generally don't care for small talk, so a conversation about nothing, in particular, will probably not go well.

Try talking about mutual interests or non-controversial current events.

All the same rules apply: ask open-ended questions, don't bombard him with question after question, and look for signs that the conversation is coming to an end.

If your boyfriend is shy and quiet and you're looking for ways to have good conversations with him, here are some important tips beyond what's offered above: If you're going to pursue a quiet guy, be prepared to do a great deal of the pursuing in the beginning.

If you can capture his interest and manage to make him feel comfortable, there is a chance he'll start navigating the direction of the conversation.

Here are some possible openers for your conversation: Even if you have a stellar intro to your conversation, you want to have some topics ready in case the conversation stalls.

If you rattle off topic after topic the conversation will seem scripted and weird to him, so make sure you follow the flow of the conversation.

Check his verbal and non-verbal cues - no conversation can go on forever, so know when it's time to conclude.

This way, they don't actually see your facial expressions and they won't be nervous to say specific things, ergo, not making the conversation awkward.

Many people have full confidence behind the screen, and shy guys find this form of communication much simpler and less nerve-wracking than talking face to face.

It's definitely difficult to distinguish, I've gone through this before.

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