Dating sights for older women younger guys

You are shown when other members are online and there are excellent messaging options. You can go on and create your profile and start messaging with limited functionality.

The site is well designed and visually pleasing, and you can buy a membership for less than US $ 10.00 per month. Your profile is never shared, and no traffic is forwarded from elsewhere, which ensure that the site is populated only by so-called cubs and cougars.

Many older women, just like their male counterparts, are simply attracted to younger men, and just like their male counterparts, sometimes try to compensate for the years of youth they lost during bad marriages and relationships.

Reportedly more than 4000 new members join this site every month.

Age Match allows for fast registration, and incidentally also caters to older men who want to date younger women.

Cougar Life is an online dating site that sports more than half a million members.

You have to pay for membership, but this site is renowned for how often you will actually connect and interact with women. It will take you less than 30 seconds to register and join, and the second big plus, it is entirely free of charge.

Date A Cougar has been around for almost ten years now.

The site is exclusively focused on cougar-dating, and has a very highly rated system to filter members to ensure that all members conform and are who and what they claim to be.The site even offers a so-called ‘Sugar Mommy’ option that introduces the cougar’s need to protect herself by providing financially for her date as a dating option.This is nevertheless reputed as one of the best sites around.They suggest that the age a woman can ‘debut’ as a cougar, is when she reaches 30 – as long as the man she dates or the men she are attracted to, are at least seven years younger than she is.Today, a woman is a cougar if she dates or is married to a man much younger than herself.If this happens, you need to be clear: if you are not interested, let her know as soon as she speaks to you. A part of her offer to you, partly as compensation for her slight maturity, and partly to exercise her power over you, rather than the other way around, is to make her ability to provide for you in whatever manner is appropriate.

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