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The following tidbit is the key to dating women in Medellin.

I will break down how I had my success in a quick summary: Once you complete those steps, you will have much higher success in Medellin, and it will go from overrated to underrated.

His thread had a view count well into the six-figure mark last time I checked.

In all my travels, I have never seen guys from other countries as pumped about women as they were about Paisas.

In one of my posts, I mentioned the blonde, Paisa virgin. She was the first girl I met after returning to Medellin.

Our passion quickly fizzled out after she realized I wasn’t rich or a sugar daddy.

Just writing the word “Paisas” makes me feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but they do live up to their lofty reputation.

During my time in Colombia, a lot of men from a well-known online forum flocked in after reading a thread by a legendary member there.The essence of this report is to give people an idea of how to use foreigner value to pick up Paisas.Nothing is more important to me than constantly optimizing whatever I’m putting my energy into.In total, I spent a month and a half in Medellin, split between two visits.The first visit was meant for meeting women but soon became a debauched Colombian fiesta.My success blossomed, and I maintained them for repeat performances.

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