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Rainbow tables: Rainbow tables are databases that map hashed sequences to their plain-text equivalents.

Los Angeles Times, 1.5 million passwords were stolen.

That's significantly less than the 6.4 million Linked In passwords, but still a considerable amount of e Harmony's 20 million users." data-reactid="25""After investigating reports of compromised passwords, we have found that a small fraction of our user base has been affected," e Harmony's Becky Teroka wrote on the company blog yesterday evening.

Credential theft has also become such a serious problem that it has given rise to an entire industry of “post-breach” services and experts for helping recover accounts and mitigate damage after breaches happen.

One example is Troy Hunt’s , a website that consolidates stolen credentials and can tell you if your username and password have turned up in any data breach.

Password Checkup is a Chrome extension that automatically warns you if your password has turned up in a data breach. (Meanwhile, hackers are also keeping track of stolen passwords to consolidate data from various data breaches and stage attacks on new, unhacked websites.)“Passwords continue to remain the ways in which attackers compromise users and gain access to enterprise information.

By employing password-less solutions, the enterprise will vastly increase the security of enterprise data.”Raluca Ada Popa Founder And Chief Technology Officer at Preveil But while useful, these services are like applying band-aid to an infected wound that is festering from within.

Unfortunately, e Harmony doesn’t offer much detail of the security incident – only saying that “a small fraction” of its userbase was impacted, and there is no information shared of how the data breach might have happened.

As with the Linked In breach, e Harmony users’ passwords were exposed in the form of hashes.

In social engineering attacks, hackers trick their victims into revealing passwords and other sensitive information.

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