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Most recent figures show that numbers of breast augmentation procedures went up by 12.6 per cent from 2014 to 2015.

However, a C cup is the perfect size, according to a recent survey.

However the average bra size is a 36DD today, up from a 34B in the 60s.

Tt is not just size that comes into considerate when it comes to the preferred breast size. Round breasts are the preferred shape generally across the UK, with those exceptions to this being born in the Midlands, South West & Wales.

Bell shape breasts, fuller at the bottom with less volume on top, are most popular in these three regions.

If you do have a particular preference, what is it about that variation that you like?

Is it related to perceived sensitivity or anything like that?

I don't have an odd penis, and I have only seen a few unusual breasts - but it isn't fair or realistic to pretend most people have "catalog" breasts - they don't. She has thought about getting a breast reduction, since she complains about her back being in pain constantly.

I agree that once you get past the DDD level they become more of a fetish type thing.

A few people on /r/Ask Women were discussing nipple insecurities so I thought I'd go to the heterosexual source.

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