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Who you choose as a partner can offer a wealth of information and insight into your own challenges. Use what you discover to continue to work on yourself and the relationship.By continuing to work on your emotional health, you’ll be able to meet someone who is more capable to love and more emotionally mature.The good news is recovery is a life-saver, a life changer, and has helped thousands gain their lives back. Whatever the case may be, dating can be daunting, nerve-wracking, and just plain confusing.

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Sobriety is an extremely personal achievement, so are you supposed to open up about it to someone you just met?

The answer to this depends on a multitude of factors.

No matter if we begin by swiping left or right on a dating app or try meeting someone at a social function – the fear of vulnerability and rejection can keep us stuck.

Though, when we begin to experience it, it may not turn out so bad as it seems to be.

The subject should come up in natural conversation when asked.

In general, after you’ve opened up about it, let a partner get to know you for who you really are – not for you you think they want you to be. If the tone of the conversation changes when they hear you cannot drink, this form of rejection can cut down at someone’s identity.It’s also important to remember that if you’ve spent a lot of time around others with addiction, it can be difficult to connect with people who are healthy and well.Make sure the time is right and you’ve done enough work on yourself.If you truly don’t know yourself and your pattens, jumping into a relationship too soon can fill the hole inside by replacing your drug of choice with something else.If you want to start sharing your life, make sure you have a good one of your own first. In our addiction, we had liquid courage to make us more flirtatious or seem more outgoing.

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