Dating sociopath stares at other women

I have expressed my hurt about this but he says he doesn’t do it and I am crazy. From what I can observe, not many of the single or married man friends in our circles do this.I no longer say anything but it still cuts my heart. I don’t even want to go socially go out with my husband anymore because it hurts too much.

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If he refuses to stop, you might choose to leave the social event, even if you have to call UBER to get home.

Second, if he chooses not to change his behaviors, you can set a boundary.

I haven’t shared this with anyone because I am embarrassed about my insecurity. You are not crazy and you are not uniquely insecure.

All women find it uncomfortable and disrespectful to see their husband admiring or staring at a beautiful woman, especially after she has told him that it bothers her when he does it. Probably most women notice beautiful women and men also. However, men who respect and value their relationship with their wives, do not keep looking, they purposefully turn away, even if they do notice. I’m curious about what you said in your first paragraph.

Question: My husband and I have a 30 year old, good marriage in most aspects.

But one area has needled me from the first days of our marriage. It doesn’t matter where we go…to a restaurant, the airport, church, you name it, if there is a young/pretty lady present, my husbands eyes will repeatedly look at her as long as she is present.

The choice of course, is always yours, but for your own mental health as well as your God given dignity, I’d encourage you to think about option #1. It might be that you speak up firmly when you observe him checking out other women.

You might say, “You’re disrespecting me” “You’re doing it right now.” When he claims it’s all in your imagination, you might say, “We both know exactly what you are doing and I will not allow you to make this look like I’m imagining things.” He may not back down, but by you stating this out loud, at least you will be speaking the truth to your own self so that you don’t get confused and start to doubt your own perceptions.

They aren’t doing this simply to “make us jealous”.

This makes us feel horrible, naturally, and jealous.

They might say the other woman’s name, compare us to them or make other odd references.

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