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If we're at a bar or out on the town, I'm fine with a little make out session, but again, I'm going to be thinking about progressing to sex later. I have some fond memories of park-benches where we both knew there were limits to how far it would go on that occasion. Had we been in a more private setting, like my home, those limits would have been less clear and maybe I would have made 'enquiries' about how far we were going with this. It gets hotter and hotter and then subsides and then builds again and subsides... But after a while, my libido wants to either go higher or take a break. And I don't think it's teasing when we're playing together and we're clear with each other about what we're doing, how far we're going, etc. Have you ever seen the Chris Rock standup where he says men cannot go backwards sexually and women can't go backwards in lifestyle?

I think there's some truth in the premise that once guys have sex, they can't just go back to kissing and making out and be totally satisfied with things stopping there.

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Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top. But it's not like I can't enjoy just kissing/making out without having sex.

It's great when the former leads to the latter, but it can also be good on its own, if I'm not feeling like having sex at the moment. Sometimes you don't want to have sex at that time for whatever reason. I don't just do it with anyone, I have to be interested. But sometimes I just enjoy doing it because I like the closeness and the intimacy.

But I'm getting the impression a bit that essentially, say if I touch a guy by his navel as I kiss him, while I'm thinking "I want to touch him here," he'd be thinking "Oh! "I only ask because I'm curious that if a woman you were dating/met in a bar/etc.

made out with you just because she liked you/were attracted to you but was not thinking about sex yet, would that be frustrating to you personally?

Discussing your other relationships will only spark jealousy.5.

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