Dating someone with multiple sclerosis

They have the same chances of a successful marriage as anyone else - maybe better.

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Dating is tough for everyone, regardless of age, sex, appearance, or status in life.

Bookshelves lined with such titles as Smart Women, Foolish Choices; How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You; and How to Pick Up Girls prove it.

Some concerns may persist, however, even with treatment.

This does not mean that you cannot have sexual relationships. Available at: on June 20, 2011 United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

While there is no "perfect" time, you may want to consider waiting until you get to the point where you and your date are beyond small talk and are comfortable sharing more personal details about one another.

Consider a few things: Multiple sclerosis symptoms can interfere with different types of dating activities.

Finding someone who is caring and compassionate is key to a successful relationship.

Determining whether or not someone has these traits early on can save a lot of heartache down the road.

Host Sebastian offers some practical advice, explaining that MS is not something that you should be ashamed of or have to withhold from potential partners.

MORE: Seven things people with MS want you to know about the disease.

You may hesitate to bring up sexual problems with your doctor, but it is important that you do so that you can discuss how the situation can be helped.

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