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Examples range from mundane preferences like Blonde Hair and Great Cook to some of the game's more eclectic ideas like Full Face Paint and Vampirism.

These personal predilections are randomly assigned to existing sims, but can be manually chosen for newly created characters and later changed by purchasing special potion from the new Gypsy Matchmaker NPC.

When possible, you should install the expansion packs in order.

Each expansion pack builds on the previous pack and includes patches for previous expansions.

Man muss vor dem Date in der Nachbarschaft folgenden cheat eingeben: Dann, während des Dates, drückt man mit der Strg und der linken Maustaste auf die Wünsche des oder der Liebsten.

Das wiederholt man ein paar mal, und das Date wird traumhaft. Du willst ein traumhaftes Date aber plötzlich spielt dein Sim nicht mehr mit weil seine Bedürfnise weit unten sind? Hier steht wie du einfach ein traumhaftes Date haben kannst und sogar super schnell: 1.

Nigtlife is one of the better packs that can keep you hooked on for a long time.

centers on a theme of getting sims out of their homes and interacting in a variety of community lots such as restaurants, dance clubs, and bowling alleys.Installing these in the order of release limits conflicts and possible errors that could be created.For example, a newer pack may contain updates to a previous expansion release, but if that release is not installed at the time, then those updates will not be implemented.In fact, if it wasn't for the lifetime aspiration, I'd have deleted it.The influence meter too didn't help much and was probably unnecessary and silly.The only thing that bothered me was that there were no beds in some of the outer areas as the moment the energy meter fell, you'd have to go back home.

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