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So I went to Home Depot, and bought two flat UV resistant panels, some mounting brackets, and some screws and nuts.

I took them home, drilled some holes in the panels, and built my own frame.

I got this British quad poster recently from Irish cinema Have spent hours looking for info on net ..not seem to exist ...browsed auction histories sellers all over the worldstrangely it is dated 1968 before the main poster was released in 1969anybody who knows anything about itthanks in advance!

Z Chris, this won't be your problem, but another issue to consider is that ink fades when exposed to UV light..different colors fade at different rates. I have a number of uncut sheets from all eras and there isn't a good way to display them. That's a concern I have for displaying most of my stuff, and I haven't really found a good work around short of not having much of value in my collection .

I tend to keep everything in my basement as it doesn't get much light.

I have been a serious contributor to the HP Forum for the past 15 years, having contributed software, prototyping and ideas for a number of calculator models – especially the HP-41.

The Forum is a part of the HP Museum – a resource dedicated to Hewlett Packard’s range of calculator products.

While that moderator has some clear anger issues, the root cause is that the forum owner, Dave Hicks has kept him as a moderator, even after a major debacle back in 2015 when the moderator went full frontal on another major contributing member.

There has also been several deletions of whole threads of work – just because someone was offended by some words in there.

I was thinking of just thumb tacking it to the wall but figured I'd see if anyone had any ideas first.

It's of very little value, but reminds me of the uncut sheet a cousin had hanging on his wall as a kid, which I thought was awesome at the time.

Now this wasn’t the first time the moderator had blown up.

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