Dating website for ginger people

By assembling the UK’s redheads into one place, we have created a central platform for discovering and interacting with one of humanity’s rarest groups of people.

As well as fostering a full-blown tribe of redheads, we are also here to promote positivity towards red hair and generally fly the ginger flag.

Lisa wore red fishnet stockings that had a furious looking erection trapped in the gusset.

If a Venn diagram of gingers and cross-dressers existed, this dating website would be smack-bang in the overlap.

There were a few non cross-dressers who winked at my profile.

It wasn’t long before my profile attracted its first flame-haired admirer, Paul/41/Wiggan (names have been changed to protect the ginger). He sported a rather large pair of red lace women’s knickers which had an impressive gut hanging over the waistband. Again, I like the fact that he presumed I’d be interested, but sadly he wasn’t my type.

The delicacy of the lace knickers and the harsh protruding beer gut complimented each other quite well, I thought. Another ginger who found me attractive was ‘Lisa’, 31 from Shropshire.

As human beings we react to colour, and in the world of colour red represents intensity, heat, passion and sexuality.

Whatever the reason, we believe red hair is beautiful and deserves a community all of its own.2015 might be the Year of The Goat for the Chinese, but for me it’s going to be The Year of The Supportive Ginger Husband.If Stephen Fry can lock that tasty bit of jailbait into marriage after 11 months, surely it won’t take me that long to entrap – I mean entrance – a ginger lover? Most of my Facebook friends openly mock me about this, but when I finally bag my Supportive Ginger Husband, I’ll have the last laugh.Wanting the Noel to remain joyful, I point-blank refused to get into the conversation and changed the subject.But now, with 2014 well behind me, I realise it’s time to dust off my genitals and re-enter the time-consuming and frankly expensive world of dating.Next up, I had to fill in more about myself and my interests. My favourite intrusive question was ‘Preferred Sexual Position’ – a real conversation starter, I’m sure.

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