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The remaining rifles were completed by March 10, 1941.

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While superficially appearing to be cooperative, there was a surprising amount of friction, if not outright hostility, between the Winchester and Springfield Armory teams.

Some internal Winchester documents had rather unkind things to say about the Springfield people.

The so-called Second Contract Winchester M1 rifles were serially numbered in sequence to the Educational Order rifles, 100,501-165,500.

Production commenced in February 1941, and these rifles began to be shipped from the factory in April 1941.

Army, takes aim with the first Winchester-made M1 rifle to roll off the firm’s production line on January 10, 1941.

During World War I, Winchester delivered large numbers of U. M1917 Enfield rifles to the government along with some Model of 1918 Browning Automatic Rifles (BARs) and Model 1897 trench and riot shotguns. The final M1 contract in February 1945 was for guns now known as “WIN-13” rifles (receiver detail r.).

To most gun enthusiasts, the name Winchester typically conjures up images of lever-action rifles or slide-action shotguns. of New Haven, Conn., manufactured myriad types of high-quality firearms for the civilian market.

To the general’s left is John Cantius Garand, inventor of the M1 rifle.

If, after completion of the initial Educational Order, the company—or the government—was not satisfied, Winchester could bow out of any subsequent orders and other potential manufacturers would be sought for the rifles.

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