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He merged the paper with the Daily Telegraph on 1st October 1937.The Daily Telegraph began printing news stories on the front page before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.

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As settlement for the printing bill, the newspaper was sold to its printer, Joseph Moses Levy.

Levy re-launched the paper on 17th September 1855, appointing his son Edward Levy-Lawson and Thornton Leigh Hunt as Editors-in-Chief.

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In October 2006, they moved the newspapers from Canary Wharf to Buckingham Palace Road in London.

They then renamed the company as The Telegraph Media Group.

After his death in 1916, he was succeeded by his son Harry Lawson Webster Levy-Lawson, who inherited the title 2nd Baron Burnham and was subsequently ennobled as 1st Viscount Burnham in 1919.

Viscount Burnham sold the Daily Telegraph to the newspaper publishers, William and Gomer Berry on 1st January 1928, but members of the Burnham family continued to serve on the board of the Daily Telegraph until 1986.

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He was succeeded by Mr Conrad Black as Chairman in September 1987.

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