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The Celebrity No matter which celebrity you follow, they are all pretty much the same entity.You will surely get a glimpse of a pretty lavish lifestyle --which is no doubt awesome.

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Just like Myspace and Facebook did before, IG will become a fad in due time.

Until then, these are the 50 Types Of People You Encounter On Instagram. The Internet Model This girl just tries too hard to look sexy.

She doesn't notice that her son has no food or that her daughters' clothes are torn and dirty.

Worst of all, she doesn't see what her boyfriend does to Angel behind closed doors.

I always get a bit excited when I find a bench end with a depiction of a fox (my surname being Fox, in case you’ve missed that pertinent fact), but here we have a bench end, dated 1627, with the wardens’ names: John Clemow and Thomas Foxe.

It’s impossible to say which of them is depicted beneath, of course, but he looks an awful lot like my Dad.And while she's hot, she is not nearly as poppin' as she thinks she is.You will frequently find her throwing 50 plus hashtags on her selfies in a thirsty attempt to obtain more followers and likes.In Cornwall, however, old ways die hard, and the older, deeper style of carving remained in use well into the seventeenth century.This serves firstly as a salutary lesson not to be too certain of date based on style only, and secondly as a vehicle for me to showcase three bench ends which are the real purpose of this blog entry. These fine bench ends were stolen from Towednack church in 1997 but a few years later were spotted by chance in an auction catalogue and returned to their home.seventeenth-century, such as the marvellous set of ends at Stringston, Somerset, which were carved liberally with the initials and names of the ‘owners’ of the benches in 1602, at the very end of the Tudor era.

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