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[sips his coconut] Tori: One day when I was feeling low I said to him, 'Oh bird, you can fly. [puts her head down] Sikowitz: That, was impressive.

' [shakes her head and the bird flies out] And my question rang true for that afternoon, the bird left, and so went my spirit.

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While in acting class, Sikowitz throws a ball at Cat's face during a skit.

When Cat complains that the throw really hurt, Sikowitz defends himself by saying that any good actor should be able to face any distractions and still focus on their scene. Sikowitz throws a ball near Tori's face, requesting that she stay and mingle with him. Beck: I told you not to put plum sauce on me banger!

Tori then flirts with Robbie, as he has a massive crush on her, but he escapes by claiming that his puppet Rex has to go to the bathroom.

After her second attempt at the scene failed, Tori bursts with frustration.

To everyone's surprise, Tori installed a button that can light up the whole locker.

Everyone except Jade is enthusiastic about the design.

André had suggested that Tori try out for the lead in Moonlight Magic, a play Tori had originally worked on with André.

This left Trina in complete shock, as she thinks of herself as a brilliant actress.

They both ended up hitting each other in the groin area, and had to ice off afterward.

André, Beck, and Robbie tell Tori that she has to decorate her locker, as it is mandatory, as well as a Hollywood Arts tradition.

Tori: [While flirting with Robbie] You want to know what's making me feel stressed? Tori: You'll help me with the Bird Scene, won't you?

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