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Be careful with your heart, because you only get one.

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attitude can only last so long before it starts to wear thin. And you’d started to believe that guys like this don’t exist. It’s a painful realization, I know, but once you see this, you won’t continue to go after guys who need fixing. The important thing is that you learn from those mistakes so that you don’t end up repeating them over and over again. And maybe you allowed yourself to love him against your better judgment. When a relationship ends, no matter how great or dysfunctional it was, it’s a sad feeling. But once you’ve had time to look back and reflect, you will see that was never meant for you in the first place. Maybe he’ll have grown up, and maybe he’ll want to be a better man. Even if we like to believe we’re less vain and egotistic than the rest, it’s highly likely we’re more self-obsessed than we realize.

When someone is treating you or has treated you, like complete garbage, you will be at your very lowest. Along comes the nice guy, who gives you the most unexpected and heartfelt compliments, who says what he means and means what he says, who treats you like a Queen. You’ll quickly be able to see that they’re not going to be able to love you the way that you want and need to be loved. Even if they were a terrible person, somewhere along the line you developed feelings for them. But don’t allow yourself to ponder about any of those things. That’s why it’s important not to take other people’s actions personally.

This time, it will be bigger, better, and stronger. Because the act of being with someone who is unworthy of you, is a clear message of you telling yourself that you are not worthy of someone better. And how could you love yourself if you are allowing that to happen? But once you’ve reached the point where enough is enough, you will break free. And you will realize that you can be happy that way. And most people want to share that kindness with you. Maybe somebody left your heart shattered into tiny pieces, and you’ve never been able to get all of those pieces back again.

You will finally learn that no one can take away your respect for yourself unless you allow them to. I want you to know that most people in the world are good. While it’s important to allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable, and it’s important to be able to trust; it also pays to tread carefully. Allow someone to show you who they really are, before you invest yourself fully. Some people are selfish, and their needs and wants will always come before yours.

Who of course, turned out to be Some people are lucky enough to meet the love of their life when they’re still in High School and end up marrying them, and living a real life happy ever after.

Some people have the privilege of falling in love for the first time, and never falling back out again.“He is saying that the information is there twice already from the very beginning, so it’s never destroyed in the black hole to begin with,” Sabine Hossenfelder of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Stockholm told New Scientist. Most of us have experienced a-aholic behavior from a man, at one point or another in our dating history. Did the smart girls snap them all up back in high school, while we wasted time fooling around with the dreamy basketball captain?And you won’t settle for less than that from now on. If you’ve gone from one bad relationship to the next, and never allowed yourself time to think and breathe on your own – please take a time out.There’s only so much abuse, pain and total s**t one person can take before it all blows up in your face, and you have a relationship epiphany. Because once you do, you will see that it’s not anywhere near as scary as you thought it would be.You will learn that you are not responsible for other people’s actions. But after he’s gone, your family and your friends will be there to pick up the pieces. I believe with all my heart that everything that happens to us, good and bad, happens for a purpose. Most of the time, they’re not really thinking about you. We’re all so focused on our problems, our issues, our own lives.

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