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It's nothing personal against you if your crush doesn't want a relationship.

In the poorly quoted words of Barney Stinson, "It's not you versus one bimbo, it's alllll the bimbos in the world versus you." Yeah, I don't like those odds either.

Tinder has become an auction house; a right swipe is your entry fee, pay the price of your most clever pickup line and you're golden.

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Risky to invest in: Looking at it morbidly, a relationship is a cage that traps you and your significant other together while all the other singles mix and mingle around you and tease you with flirting and pokes on Facebook.

Think of it as a zoo and you and your significant other are the attraction (but hopefully you smell better.) When you think about it this way it kind of seems like a drag: who really wants to be tied down when there are soooo many people other there just waiting to hook up with you.

Why risk wasting your precious time, money, and youth on someone when you could find someone better?

Falling in love, or even just giving love a chance to blossom today has become too risky because the next best thing might be coming into your life tomorrow.

We spend every waking moment with them, thinking about them, texting them, calling them, talking about them, shopping for them- gosh, is it exhausting. You're both giving 110 percent because you want to make this work... It becomes too much; too clingy, too obsessive, too needy, too many fights, too exhausting, too serious, too immature, etc.

One of you becomes love broke (often too quickly) and you decide to part ways and look for a new means of "employment." The problem is, love isn't money, and it shouldn't be exhausted or run empty. When you find someone special, their job is to nurture and tend to your flower and help it flourish. Ugh, you shouldn't have posted that selfie 10 minutes ago!Instead, she’ll have to wait until the 31st date to pick one of the 30 men to go out with a second time.With each date, Johnson learns something about herself.I look at my parents in utter shock and amazement: Over a 24 year marriage and they're still together. I am not alone in the "hopeless romantic with no hope for love" boat. Then I laugh and remind myself that with a dating track record that doesn't go longer than 3 months and an unimpressive list of ex-lovers, my chances are smaller than a small fry at Mc Donalds.When this happens, the loss you feel is minimal; you likely have ten or more matches ringing your phone off the hook and thousands more at your fingertips.

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