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In 2017, David and Christina Arquette's family grew by another member as they welcomed son Augustus "Gus" Alexis Arquette into the world.

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Actor David Arquette was already high profile in his own right, being part of an established acting dynasty.

Cox and Arquette met on the set of the 1996 horror flick , and their relationship soon transitioned from the big screen into real life.

He had also acted in many films including Wild Bill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scream series. In 2004, Arquette voice over in the Sega video game ESPN NFL 2K5 as a "celebrity adversary" and manager of his own team, the Los Angeles Locos.

In 2007, he starred in the 2007 ABC comedy series In Case of Emergency.

"I want her to tell me everything, and she doesn't want to tell me anything." While Coco's relationship with her mother may seem strong, it is not without occasional drama.

David Arquette is an American producer, director, actor, screen writer, wrestler as well as a fashion designer. After dating for four years he got married with her. Besides his wife has also romanced with many actress and model of the industry.Cox told Courtney Cox famously appeared in a video for Bruce Sprinsteen's "Dancing in the Dark," and Coco followed in her mom's footsteps, having already appeared in two music videos as a young teen.In the music video for Monogem's "Wild," Coco plays a girl who is having a good time with her best friend.However, it looks like the two developed an off-screen romance. , Courteney Cox was one of the most well-known celebrities in Hollywood throughout the run of the series.Monogem told , "From the first time Foy played 'Coco' for me — and every time I've heard it since — I've felt he captured, not only Coco's unique personality but also the beautiful childhood innocence that sadly, but inevitably, fades with time." The music video also provided a unique mother-daughter experience, as Cox directed the video.

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