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David Austin garden roses have been attributed to the British breeder of the same name.

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Well, if you are looking for roses for weddings then you will stumble upon a lot of garden roses.

So, what is a garden rose and what makes it different from a regular one?

Garden Roses are known for their abundant petals, fragrance, and variety of radiant colors.

Flower Explosion offers fresh cut garden roses for sale, including the world famous David Austin English roses produced by our experienced growers and award-winning farms in the Andes Mountains.

Old Garden Roses are species of roses that were popular before the 20th century.

Most of the roses are known to withstand cold winters and be more resistant to diseases.Modern roses are the species that most people know.The most common variety is the hybrid tea rose, which continues to bloom through the season, has larger blooms and a longer vase life. They also have a higher risk of contracting disease.Wild roses are those that have not been hybridized by people to be used in the cut flower industry.They naturally grow in the wild and are not used as roses for weddings.Some of the most popular David Austin garden roses include the Juliet, Patience, Beatrice, Edith, Kate, Tess, Constance, Keira, Darcey, and Miranda. David Austin Garden Roses are often more expensive than regular roses because of the limited supply.

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