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His ability to memorize poetry, his own and others, and bring it to bear on the questions that compel human beings made him as much a philosopher as a literary figure.

After being invited into the organizational world, where he used poetry to bring a new understanding of conversational leadership, he was even harder to categorize in the literary world.

And yet his poetry has always stood independent of any context in which he has worked, with a readership looking at the poetry for its own sake.

David avid dating

In the last few years he has begun to appear at literary gatherings in the US and the UK such as the Oxford, Ledbury, San Miguel and Ojai poetry festivals and his poetry is beginning to be spoken of in the same breath as other major contemporary, Irish American and English poets.

Join David Whyte, through the revelations of poetry and the poetic tradition, for an evening looking into some of the bold, courageous, robustly vulnerable and sometimes painful steps in bringing our seemingly interior states out into the world to do, to achieve and above all to give.

He looks at the way this foundational interior conversation enables those in positions of responsibility to make sense of the hundreds of exterior public conversations, which can entrap and besiege them.

His work is not only sustaining and nourishing for individuals irrespective of the organization for which they work, but also revitalizing and emboldening for those who work together day after day and who wish to bring a fresh perspective and a fresh language to their shared endeavors.

In this high placeit is as simple as this,leave everything you know behind.

Step toward the cold surface,say the old prayer of rough loveand open both arms.

His collaborations include work with Richard Olivier, using Shakespeare's plays, especially Hamlet, as a template for the exploration of some of the difficult dynamics of contemporary leadership.

His work has been featured in Leader to Leader, Fast Company, and The Harvard Business Review.

Probably the most inspirational session of the whole course.

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