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Pick-up artist Eben Pagan made his internet millions explicitly teaching men that , and teaches tactics to secretly control women through sophisticated psychological manipulation.

Why is this not regularly questioned by conscious people in our personal development community when we claim to investigate “limiting beliefs” and clarify our values on a regular basis?

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A generation of men and women who are desperately seeking ways to navigate the ever-more-complex worlds of gender, relationship, and career are taking his advice on everything from dating, to how to structure their workdays for maximum productivity, and even how tall of a desk to purchase.

(By the way, I used to co-host a podcast called Conscious Business. Pagan would not have made even the longest of potential guest lists.) Pagan’s claim to fame is that his information product businesses—mostly patriarchal dating advice—make $20 million a year.

You must be authentic like a “real man” is authentic, as in Pagan’s bonus DVD “The Real Man’s Guide to Money and Success.” Clearly you are not a “real” man unless you value—and have—lots of money and worldly success.

To not be rich and powerful is to be emasculated, to be a woman.

Since Pagan’s courses are so expensive and not available through regular distribution channels, no critic can say for sure whether his products continue to explicitly promote patriarchal values.

But I can say that Pagan still has his original ebook “Double Your Dating” on the market, so he certainly has not recanted any of his old values publicly, unlike some other reformed pick-up artist gurus.

Pagan writes and speaks under the pseudonym “David De Angelo,” chosen because the information product marketers believe alliteration sells more ebooks.

Pagan has been teaching others this path to “success” with 00 marketing courses.

Also, charging a lot for a product with manipulative marketing creates cognitive dissonance, reducing critique and creating cultish ingroups and vicious but uninformed outsiders.

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