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He has also worked as a voice actor and in theatre, including a portrayal of Prince Hamlet in a critically acclaimed 2008 production of Hamlet and as the voice of Scrooge Mc Duck in Duck Tales (2017–present).

In January 2015, Tennant received the National Television Award for Special Recognition.

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He acted in school productions throughout primary and secondary school.

Tennant's talent at a young age was noticed by Scottish actress Edith Mac Arthur.

Tennant's first professional role upon graduating from drama school was in a staging of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui costarring Ashley Jensen, one of a few plays in which he performed as part of the agitprop Theatre Company.

Tennant was awarded his first major TV role as the manic depressive Campbell in the BBC Scotland drama series Takin' Over the Asylum (1994), after impressing director David Blair during filming of another drama – Strathblair (1992).

Tennant contributed to several audio dramatisations of Shakespeare for the Arkangel Shakespeare series (1998).

His roles include a reprisal of his Antipholus of Syracuse in The Comedy of Errors, as well as Launcelot Gobbo in The Merchant of Venice, Edgar/Poor Tom in King Lear, and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, all of which he performs in his natural accent.In 1995, Tennant appeared at the Royal National Theatre, London, playing the role of Nicholas Beckett in Joe Orton's What the Butler Saw.In television, he appeared in the first episode of Reeves and Mortimer's revamped Randall and Hopkirk in 2000, playing an eccentric artist.When he was 16, he acted in an anti-smoking film made by the Glasgow Health Board which aired on television and was also screened in schools.The following year, he played a role in an episode of Dramarama.David John Tennant (né Mc Donald; born 18 April 1971) is a Scottish actor.

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