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"A community’s physical form, rather than its land uses, is its most intrinsic and enduring characteristic." [Katz, EPA] This blog focuses on place and placemaking and all that makes it work--historic preservation, urban design, transportation, asset-based community development, arts & cultural development, commercial district revitalization, tourism & destination development, and quality of life advocacy--along with doses of civic engagement and good governance watchdogging.

This ad is at one of the baggage carousels at National Airport.

I guess it is promoting the National Monument and picnicking, but it would be a major pain in the a** to lug food and drink and kids to the National Mall for a picnic as part of visiting the city.

I've seen DC Cool ads in national magazines, ads in local publications and on the Metro system--those locally placed ads are mostly a waste of money, because they aren't directed to visitors, ads at National Airport (I haven't been to BWI or Dulles for awhile so I don't know if the ads are also placed in those airports), and finally, a web-based video ad, via Chicago Reader (I do like the music in this ad, but I can't seem to find a straight up URL to embed the ad in this blog post).

The ads are all similar to the one above, mostly in black and white, communicating that DC is Cool, I guess riffing off the brief post-2008 election image of President Obama (cf.

But for the most part, the image might as well show a city playground.

In any case, I don't see how that does a good job of selling what DC has to offer visitors in a way that distinguishes a trip to DC from any other place.

Most of the content and the images seem to be disconnected and poorly communicate what DC has to offer.

Although I will say the content on the DC Cool website, which backs up the campaign ads is better, although it's insane that the section on the Southwest Waterfront promotes the Wharf development, which won't be something people can visit for many many years.

Two people attempting to make their way in the world and struggling financially in a relationship is one person too many.

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