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If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, CLAP! Take a moment and go back to a time when you believed in Fairies, trolls, monsters under the bed, make believe, and all that fun stuff that made childhood not boring. Rob is royally pissed about something like Piper is at the elders.

Shawn continues to talk about when his mom took him to the store as a kid, and some witchy news to some of you that might make you really happy.

I feel like it tries far too hard to be a tear-jerker, to the point where I feel more annoyed than sad. Mark can’t touch the TV with his finger and turn it on, but his feet can touch the ground and his ass can touch seats.

If he had tried pushing the on/off button on the TV with his feet/ass, would it have worked?

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This season is dedicated to Billy Drago aka Barbas the demon of fear may he Rest in Peace.

One of my all time favourite Charmed episodes, I think it’s so underrated! Piper, opening up and starting to fall in love with a man she could never be with was just so sad. And Mark as a character was truly an innocent, it was so sad that he died young and then to realise his mother is now completely alone, then at the end when he’s reunited with his dad ... Phoebe’s little sub plot was funny and nicely done too, I liked the Prue/Phoebe moments in this episode I liked it, but what I didn't understand was how emotional Piper got over Mark finally passing.

It's not like they knew each other that well or that they 'dated' - they shared a nice moment together and that was it.

Let's relieve the end of days with a apocalypse themed episode.

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