sisqo dating - Debate dating coworker

I was the little HR intern, and he was the little engineer intern. Although, we didn't actually “date” during our internship, but we became an official couple less than a month after our internship ended.

Try to be friends for at least two months, but know that three months is even better.

Here's the thing, sometimes you become friends with your co-worker crush, but you realize somewhere in the friendship that dating isn't really as appealing as you thought it might be.

Keep your work relationship professional from the time you're in sight of the office until you're out of sight of the office.

So, you've been dating for a few months now, and it's going very well.

You spend all your time at work, it’s hard to take time out to date, why not date people at your work?

’The important thing to note in this situation is there is no tried and true answer to your question: there are just opinions.You might think you work in a huge office, until you're trying to avoid someone.One month of being friends isn't enough, by the way.There are definitely differing views on this, but they’re all just opinions.Some people will say ‘absolutely under no circumstances should you ever date a co-worker.Deciding whether you should or shouldn't date your co-worker is an age-old debate.

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