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The Only the following column types can be "changed": big Integer, binary, boolean, date, date Time, date Time Tz, decimal, integer, json, long Text, medium Text, small Integer, string, text, time, unsigned Big Integer, unsigned Integer and unsigned Small Integer.

character set by default, which includes support for storing "emojis" in the database.

To use our schema definition, we need to convert our calls succeeded or when there was an error.

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Disable the behavior by setting the See also the Model#ensure Indexes method.

Virtuals are document properties that you can get and set but that do not get persisted to Mongo DB.

If you are running a version of My SQL older than the 5.7.7 release or Maria DB older than the 10.2.2 release, you may need to manually configure the default string length generated by migrations in order for My SQL to create indexes for them.

You may configure this by calling the To drop an index, you must specify the index's name.

Migrations are typically paired with Laravel's schema builder to easily build your application's database schema.

If you have ever had to tell a teammate to manually add a column to their local database schema, you've faced the problem that database migrations solve.

In these cases, you can list props as an object, where the properties’ names and values contain the prop names and types, respectively: This not only documents your component, but will also warn users in the browser’s Java Script console if they pass the wrong type.

You’ll learn much more about type checks and other prop validations further down this page.

The Laravel Some migration operations are destructive, which means they may cause you to lose data.

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