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Branson’s charitable foundation), not including the cost of flights and optional spa treatments.It is the luxurious but perhaps logical next step for a new breed of philanthropically minded, well-heeled singles who are already tramping around the knowledge enrichment circuit.

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Asked about the paradox of freshly minted tech millionaires relying on old-fashioned methodology to find a partner, Jill Kelleher expressed some regret about her career path.

During my two plus decades living in the United States, I have seen many changes occur in my native India.

Indian pariah are an example of the pariah-type dogs, an ancient group of dogs that evolved through natural selection.

They have erect ears, a wedge-shaped head, and a curved tail.

Jean Oelwang, the chief executive of Virgin Unite, who had flown in from Salt Lake City, stressed that the Necker excursion (which she said would have a business-oriented theme of “future leadership”) had loftier goals than providing a backdrop for hookups.

“If you look at the relationships that Rosalynn Carter has with President Carter, or that Leah has with Archbishop Tutu,” she said, “that deep respect and love has allowed them to be better individuals, but also to make change in the world.” One Kelleher client of seven months, the chief executive of a rapidly growing online start-up who asked to be identified by only his first name, John, to avoid professional embarrassment, seemed excited by the opportunity to promote such change and said he viewed the evening as “an audition” of sorts. Supermodels aside, in an age in which millions delegate their love lives to the algorithms of or, it seems there are still singles who prefer an old-school matchmaker. Kelleher-Andrews, a former actress on “Baywatch” and “Melrose Place” who has been married to Nico Andrews, a champion jujitsu instructor, for 13 years, Kelleher International has 16 offices around the world and receives roughly 1,000 inquiries per month.

“We have a great guy that just joined who’s on his yacht in Capri right now,” Ms. “But when he comes back into town, every single office and all the reps in New York and Denver, or wherever, they’re all going to be aware of him so they’re going to choose the top girls in each of these cities.”There are additional “success fees” for a match that results in either marriage or a long-term relationship, usually defined as one year, though this is agreed upon by the client at the outset of the contract.

“It is really an incentive for the matchmakers, and could be anything from a monetary bonus or something else, like an all-expense-paid trip to the wedding,” Ms.

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Regardless of whether he passed muster, John added, he was just happy to be mingling among such an elite group.“I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight, but bare minimum, it’s a very eclectic mix of amazing people,” he said. ”greeting a steady stream of sports-coat-and-jeans-clad male admirers, said that though she is single, she was on hand only as a pal of Ms. Of those, she said, about 700 are women, roughly 10 of whom are accepted as clients.

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