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Plus as a digital resource, you can carry it with you wherever you are!Click here to learn more about the Consecrated Conversations couples devotional.3) Keep It Private and Close the Door.

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This women’s devotional deals with rejection and loneliness. This women’s devotional reflects on all that we have to be thankful for.

This book isn’t really a devotional and it isn’t really aimed at women, but it is crazy powerful and so I wanted to include it in this list.

Again, these aren’t a list of “shoulds” and “musts” but mindsets. Maybe your marriage devotional times have been hit-or-miss, or simply non-existent.

We pray that these ideas will make enjoying a couples devotional (on a regular basis! This may have caused all kinds of built-up guilt and shame.

Over the past week, I’ve written 2 posts about reading your Bible.

First, I wrote about why you need to read your Bible in 2017 and then shared 7 tips to help you read your Bible every day.

Closing the door keeps us focused on each other and on God during couples devotions.

This also models for our kids that time together in the Word is a private and important part of marriage (and they know not to come in if the door is shut).4) Be Creative in Your Execution.

And in this post I want to share with you what we’ve learned so that you and your spouse can enjoy regular couples devotions too!

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