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"Zoning District Area Regulations" at the end of this Chapter 405).

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All buildings shall be bona fide home office buildings with the exception that any person may maintain an office or may carry on a customary home occupation in the dwelling used by him/her as his/her primary private residence provided such does not provide an extension or modification of said dwelling which will alter its outward appearance as a dwelling and provided such use does not involve any outward evidence of such use other than an unlighted sign not over one (1) foot square in area attached flat against the building.

Institutional uses to include hospitals for human care, sanitariums, rest homes or nursing homes for convalescent patients and similar uses provided that any lot or tract of land in such use shall not be less than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet in area and provided that any building in which patients are housed shall be at least fifty (50) feet distance from any lot line.

Residential apartments in floors above the grade level floor in multi-story buildings, providing a minimum of six hundred fifty (650) square feet of net dwelling unit living area and one (1) off-street parking space per apartment.

For good cause shown, the requirement of one (1) off-street parking may be waived by a majority vote of the Board of Aldermen.

The "I-1" Industrial District is intended to provide sites for heavy commercial and light industrial activities requiring some heavy machinery which under control would minimize the effect on nearby residential districts. Heavy truck traffic loading and unloading operations are expected to be a part of this district.

Assembly of electrical appliances, electronic instruments and devices, radios and phonographs, including electroplating and manufacture of small parts only such as coils, condensers, transformers, crystal holders.

For these reasons, the following regulations shall apply: Temporary buildings to house offices, equipment storage or other functions incidental to construction and development activities provided that such buildings shall be removed within eleven (11) months from date of permit for their erection.

Agricultural uses, including nurseries, truck gardening and greenhouses, provided that no offensive odors or dust are created and, provided further, that no retail sales shall be permitted on the premises nor the raising of livestock. No group home shall be located within one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) feet of another group home.

It is the purpose of the "C-2" District to encourage the functional grouping of those commercial enterprises catering primarily to either "local" or "through" highway travelers and to prevent therein location of other uses incompatible with these.

Restaurants and drive-in eating and drinking establishments provided that the premises shall be enclosed by a solid wall or fence at least six (6) feet high where it abuts in the rear or beside any "R" district, public park, church or school. In District "C-2", all regulations concerning the height of buildings, lot area, lot width, front yard, side yard and rear yard dimensions, off-street parking and off-street loading permitted on any lot shall be as shown in Section 405.230 unless otherwise stated more restrictively in other Sections of this Chapter (Also see Table I.

Printing, publishing and related trades when not within one hundred (100) feet of any "R" district.

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