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Over time computers become cluttered with junk files, temporary graphics files and eventually spyware. If you see something that doesn’t look familiar or just doesn’t seem right then open your web browser and do a Google search for the name of the process you’ve just found. You could also use Win Tasks to simplify the above process.

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Any internet marketer reading this will be familiar with it.

Spyware removal progams will classify the Alexa toolbar as spyware but it’s safe.

So how do you spyware, adware and malware getting on your PC in the first place? Do not click on links offering free movies, competitions, prize draws, free software or anything that looks suspicious. This is absolutely critical for DSL and Cable users but dialup users should also ensure they’re using a good firewall package. Between 500 and 1,000 new viruses appear each month so even if you’re just a little bit behind in your updates you’re at risk. Note to Windows 2000 users: You’ll need to download msconfig separately as it wasn’t supplied with that version of Windows. If you see something that doesn’t look familiar or just doesn’t seem right then open your web browser and do a Google search for the name of the application you’ve just found. This is a quick and easy way to identify common pieces of spyware. Spyware Removal Programs Pest Patrol – Pest Patrol is an all-in-one spyware detection and removal program with automatic updating built in.

There is no such thing as a free lunch – especially where the Internet is concerned. All computers connected to the Internet today should have firewall software installed – regardless of your connection speed. Good antivirus software can prevent, find and delete the most harmful types of spyware and other harmful files. Ad Aware Plus – For enhanced spyware removal and detection arm yourself with Ad Aware Plus. Crap Cleaner 1.0 – Crap Cleaner is an ideal utility for clearing junk files from your PC. The reality is that there are many different types of spyware.

I have personally seen unlucky victims receive $2,000 telephone bills for one month of telephone calls.

The most worrying aspect of spyware is not knowing whether or not your computer is infested with it.

When you check your private email account these programs can record your password.

Anything you type online or offline can be stored or transmitted without your knowledge or permission. Dialers normally install themselves to your computer via a virus infection or from warez, mp3 or adult websites.

Once the adware detects that you’re connected to the Internet it starts sending you popup, popover and pop-under ads for anything from airline tickets to porn site membership.

Not only that but information on your viewing habits is tracked and stored.

These programs stay dormant until you connect to the Internet again.

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