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Since they are objectively unverifiable, the credibility of Islam’s claims of miracles is identical to Christianity, no more credible and no less credible.

4) The Arabic Language—The claim is made that if a person were to learn the Arabic language, and read the Qu’ran in the original tongue, the person would be totally convinced that it had a Divine author. Firstly, this is far too subjective to use as reliable proof.

Less advanced peoples would likely have used this to start their own new religions!

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Taken into account with the fact that the Qu’ran quotes from Jewish sources such as the Mishnah (the legal part of the Oral Torah, committed to writing around the year 170 CE) and the Midrash (a separate part of the Oral Torah, dealing with extra details of stories in biblical texts, committed to writing around the same time), this “proof” of Islam’s legitimacy wears somewhat thin.

3) Miracles—As with any religion, miracles are claimed.

Parents: Southern Cracker Manager and Nana Sophie Mussolini Son: Milhouse Van Houten Husband(cousin): Kirk Van Houten, 1976-1996, 2007-present Ex-lover: Gyro Ex-boyfriend: Pyro Half-Brother: Bastardo Mussolini Sister: Mrs.

Mussolini Brother-in-Law: Norbert Van Houten Father-in-Law: Grandpa Van Houten Mother-in-Law: Grandma Van Houten Stepmother-in-Law: Grandpa Van Houten's Second Wife Niece: Annika Van Houten Luann Van Houten (née Mussolini) is the cousin as well as wife of Kirk Van Houten and the mother of Milhouse Van Houten.

Thirdly, the Qu’ran itself says that the word of G-d cannot be altered, all the while making the claim that the Bible was originally the word of G-d but corrupted by man. If the Torah was the word of G-d, that means, according to the Qu’ran, that it is categorically impossible for man to change it.

Hence, using Muslim logic, the Torah we have in our hands today is the same Torah that Moses handed down to the Jews at Mount Sinai.Luann, Kirk and Milhouse all look so similar that Bart once asked Luann and Kirk if they are siblings. She made her first speaking appearance again in the Season 15 episode Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore.In the season 26 episode Let's Go Fly a Coot, Milhouse tells Bart that his parents are actually cousins. It is implied that Luann had a one-night stand with Otto in the episode Moe Letter Blues after Otto tells Kirk "even I hooked up with your old lady" before apologizing to Milhouse, who says that Otto is his "favorite uncle". When the Van Houtens are on the verge of reuniting, Bart and Milhouse hatch a scheme to get them to separate again (because Milhouse enjoyed their fighting over him and trying to buy his love). Their honeymoon goes terrible when they are lost at sea and stranded on an island, believed to be dead.Even while married to Kirk she attended a key party at which she slept with Dr. The scheme backfires and nearly results in the separation of Homer and Marge. When they are rescued, they go back to Springfield, fully reconciled. Luann is voiced by Maggie Roswell, but she temporarily became a non-speaking character from seasons 11-14 when Roswell was forced to leave the show after a pay increase dispute.What inspires one person might not inspire another.

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