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This means items with low drop rates will be affected less than those with high drop rates.

On the other hand, with high enough luck and drop rate bonuses, you should be able to get bonus drops on some items with already high drop rates.

Games that try to simulate real-world activities (like driving vehicles or living the life of someone else) with as much realism as possible.

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Defense: Every 1 Defense Appears to reduce the damage by roughly 1% (closer to 0.98%)Accuracy Boosters such as Crouching, Dex, and other modifiers stack, but appear to have a minimum value.

Luc, Item drop rates, and Rare item drop rates appear to multiply the base values, not add.

If you do 50% Critical Damage and 100% Weak Spot damage, It would be 1*1.5*2=3 or 300% damage.

There are two types of Overweight, Inventory and Weight.

These values were found over about 100 different accessories per attribute type.

Excluding attributes with no values, the game seems to cap every 5/5%.100.000 points = 1 visible point of weapon prof1000 weapon prof gives roughly bonus 25% damage.Prof gain is affected by damage done and appears to be roughly equal to damage done (Based on several save file backup runs).Smithing 4 seems to cap at 70.15% of the Smithing 7 value.This theoretically means each Smithing level gives about 9.95% of the total value with a base of 41.3% at level 1, but more data is needed Kikuichimonji series pairs with HGBST3 Shigure series Masamune series pairs with SPB Night Sky series Dainsleif pairs with Miasma Fang Sea Watchtower appears to be unlocked by Extreme mode SBC Flugel Stern appears to be unlocked by Extreme mode Ratings are a typical rating in terms of scenarios that they are useful in. S means situational (such as weapon dependent or purpose dependent) M means the rating assumes maxed value and becomes less useful rapidly with lower values.At 100% proficiency: Heat 1 Removes: 38%Heat 2 Removes: 51%Heat 3 Removes: 63%While attributes do have a cap to how much you can raise them, this cap is partially determined by Liz’s smithing level.

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