Disadvantages of dating a married man

Sometimes they are needy and whiny and remind you a lot of a child, but they are paying for your attention.

Many SD are married, the disadvantaged is their wife finding out that SD spending money on another woman. Whether is for school or just extra spending money, everything has a reason.

No downsides unless you care about people calling you a whore (lmao f*ck them tho this sh*t glorious). When I’m with someone, I want to be able to post what I’m doing and as someone who has family and friends that don’t agree or support being a sugar baby, I can’t. In a way it’s a turn on, but some days it’s genunely exhausting.

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There is none at all literal I mean they are big and nature enough to understand situation like how couple fight and everything they can give you stuff to make you feel better they know better than us they will prob try their best to be there for you amd everything yea I don't see a disadvantage there so far it is quite good I think it's better to have a daddy Ofcourse with every relationship or decision in life for that matter, there are always pros and cons. For everyone is it a different experience actually, some of the SD or SB are looking for someone more sexually and dont really want the emotional.

Everything is great if ya just cooperate and you both get what you want. You just have to be open to all things and explore the limits A couple of disadvantages I've recognized is it Can be time consuming if you find a daddy that isn't spoiling you like he claimed to want to do. Know your comfort level and how much time you're willing to invest invest in one. Also browse or communicate with other sugar babies if you're a new sugar baby to get ideas of exactly what you want or expect to let him know up front.

So the bad thing is you need to have alot of time to find your perfect SD or SB, but if you find him/her it all be worth it.

You have to be open to accepting that there are downfalls. It is an arrangement and there are emotions and thoughts through out, however it can't turn into anything more. And if you are not like that then hopefully you can find a SD or SB like you that is more serieus, wants to think more about a future, emotionally, mentally perfect for each other.

It may cause them to act as if you guys are a couple and their emotions may get mixed up in what the relationship really is to you or was in the beginning and create a more stressful life the way you started out Mostly Sugar Daddys do it becuase they want to have someone who willing to fulfill their fetishes or need to dominate in the bedroom with someone since their they significant others won't come terms with them or mostly for fun. Some disadvantages may include not being attracted to your sugar daddy or that you may have to try something that you're not too comfortable like being with a man who is married.

This lead many Sugar Baby feel to always need to hid in the shadows and felt the pressure especially when they on the date or just going out to have fun since most of them want a serious relationship or even marriage. At the end of that moment it is something that you have to live with so make sure you think pass the moment when you make your decisions.

But yeah barely any disadvantages to having a hot daddy who can buy you things and give you affection. You also have to think of the psychological aspect of dealing with someone you met online/ that is if you've met them online. No, you may not always be attracted to your sugar dad or always want to spend time with them, but you have to remember why you’re doing this.

There are some disadvantages to dating a sugar daddy that far away because you won’t get much action. But some actual disadvantages are having to lie to people about your relationship or where you get your money from but that’s only if ur ashamed of it.

There is no real ones unless you care about what other peopke think.

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