Do and dont of dating

This is controversial, but I would say that you should go for the kiss, but only if you feel the vibe is right!How and when deserves another article in itself, but I will just say that in my experience most of the girls I did kiss on dates resulted in us going back together, or a second date, but none of the girls I didn’t kiss resulted in second dates!

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Squeeze her hand like in my previous point to see how she physically receptive she is to you, before you go in for the kill. You shouldn’t go deep and bog the conversation down with heavy topics, positive or especially negative. You don’t want her to confide deep things in you at this stage, as she may regret telling a complete stranger these personal things and it could affect her seeing you again.

And likewise, if you tell her some deep things about you, she may wonder why is this guy telling me all this heavy stuff though he doesn’t really know me, which could put her off too.

This doesn’t mean that you should run your own dictatorship!

It’s okay to ask her opinion of something, but rather than asking her what she wants to do, suggest something to do and if she doesn’t like that suggest something else.

When you’re able to do this calmly, without pursuing an outcome, you come across as not desperate, which is something you never want her to think of you.

You should try to seduce her, nothing overt, just holding her gaze and maintaining eye contact where appropriate.If you’re lucky, she may drop hints that she’s interested, but it’s up to you to look for the signs and act on them to test the water.One thing I liked to do is take her hand in mid-conversation and give it a squeeze.If she squeezes back, she’s feeling good about the interaction and will be receptive to you physically escalating (touching or kissing her).If not fall back, and continue to create a good vibe.Not doing it, when she wants you to, will make her think you don’t know what you’re doing and will reduce the chances of her wanting to see you again.

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