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You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy.

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If your computer is very old, we suggest retiring it, purchasing a new computer or just realize it is going to run slow even if slightly improved.

Computers crash for a number of reasons -- anything from simple software incompatibilities to hardware issues -- and computers running Windows 10 are no different.

Computers evolve at an exponential rate, and new software and core updates for programs increase their minimum requirements for the computer systems.

Older, non-compatible computers may not be able to catch up… Not every grandpa is meant to outperform in a marathon, even if they try to stay in shape.

The update process is a low priority thing so it gets pushed to the side until things get less hectic.

The reason why it takes too long is because every other program that is supposed to start on boot is starting up at the same time, using resources.If you think this is the case, you can roll back to an earlier build and reinstall the current update at a later date (once it's been patched).To go back to an earlier build of Windows 10, open the Settings menu and go to Update & security.Are you closing Steam before shutting down, or just letting Windows handle it?I'm not sure if something's changed, but I remember a while ago it didn't like being closed by Windows' shutdown.If you want it to run faster on boot, remove other autostart programs or remove steam from autostart and manually start it when the system stabilizes.

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