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If the user selects January 2017 from the slicer, it will be this value that gets stored in this variable.

The Date Add Alternative variable uses the EDATE function to perform a DATEADD like jump back in months using the Months To Look Back variable to determine the range.

A way to solve this is to use a field for the slicer from a table that has no relationship with the data table.

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To minimize outages, network changes can be defined with a dynamic diagram.

Through this environment, configuration updates can be pushed automatically and the impact can be instantly analyzed and documented.

Through this approach, there’s no need to create and maintain a database of drawings.

Back to the top On-demand mapping allows engineers to create a network diagram customized to the task at-hand.

The challenge is if the “Month” slicer uses a field from the data table used to generate values for the visuals it will restrict the rows from the data table available to generate the axis, that no amount of fiddling with row or filter context can over-ride.

The same is true when using a field for the slicer from a related table.

The important thing is to make sure there is no relationship between these two tables. Measure as filter = VAR Months To Look Back = 10 VAR Data Table Date = MIN('Data Table'[Date]) VAR Date Table Date = MIN('Dates'[Date]) VAR Date Add Alternative = EDATE(Date Table Date,-Months To Look Back) RETURN IF( (Data Table Date A breakdown of the code in the calculated measures is as follows: The Months To Look Back variable stores a value that will be used to control how many months back from the slicer selection will be used for the date range.

Power BI Desktop may attempt to link the two tables, so delete the relationship if this happens. This variable could be substituted with a What-If parameter if you’d like to provide more flexibility to your end users.

The DATEADD function can only work with a column reference and cannot use the output of a MAX function.

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