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It meant deep cuts, and shedding a sizeable chunk of the college's staff - 80 full-time equivalent posts.

Then - horror of horrors - just a few months into their transformation programme, in October 2018, Ofsted paid another surprise visit.

But up until now they have had a dedicated further education (FE) provider: Easton and Otley College was formed to equip the counties' would-be farmers, and those who live and work in their largely rural economies, with a practical, hands-on educational base.

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Austerity Nine years ago, post-Credit Crunch, the UK government embarked on an austerity programme like no other.

Education wasn't exempt - but some parts were more exposed than others.

Or possibly Cirencester (Gloucestershire), or Reading (Berkshire)?

There's a long list of possibilities, but two counties which definitely won't figure on your list are Suffolk and Norfolk.

It's fertile ground for some of the most forward-thinking agricultural techniques - and it grows a lot of food, stocking the nation's larders with much of its vegetables, cereals, pork and poultry.

Counties' failed potential In terms of agricultural education, though, the counties have fallen well short of their potential.

Ofsteds and their damaging effects I could go on (and on) about how fair Ofsteds really are.

They are a conceit dreamt up by politicians to satisfy voters that they are driving up standards and giving them value for money.

New chair Mark Pendlington, an industry heavyweight, set about transforming the college's structures, appointing a new board and recruiting a new principal, Jane Townsend.

Together, they embarked on a programme of radical reform, but one of their first - and most painful - tasks was to get the budget under control.

Yet ask anyone outside of these two counties what they associate most with either of them, and almost certainly farming will be at or near the top of the list.

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