Eclipse updating maven dependencies stuck updating kitchen on a budget

Maven uses the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable to pass arguments to the underlying Java process.

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Maven was included by default in 10.8 and earlier, but is not included from 10.9 on.

The easiest way to install it is via homebrew: If you do not already have homebrew installed, see the homebrew website for instructions

You may run into Maven errors building the first time if you do not have all of the standard directories in your P4 client workspace.

For example you may see errors such as this: One of the nice features of Maven's standard lifecycle is that unit tests are run automatically during every build.

In these cases, the -Dskip Tests=true argument can be passed to Maven or Ant.

Recently I added the commons-compress dependency to as required by jackrabbit 2.0 dependency.

During an 'ant reset-all' invocation, the 'maven-seed-local-repo' target is called to install these jars in the local Maven repository.

While it should generally not be necessary; if you happen to remove your Maven local repository (e.g.

Updating maven dependencies console shows: "Missing artifact org.apache.commons:commons-compress:jar:1.0:compile" I checked the Problems view ...

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