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Even I didn’t fully appreciate him until very recently.

Eliana girard and alex wong dating

Travis is divine and Heidi really stepped up her game.

After a summer-long competition tonight we will finally learn two very important things, just who is America’s favorite guy and girl dancers! Eliana has been touted as possibly the best dancer EVER on the show (or at least that’s Nigel’s opinion) and about halfway through the performance shows she really did seem to become pretty invincible.

The strongest partner with jump and leaps that are so smooth it’s incredible.

I love watching him in the air as much as I do on the floor. He has brought a new style to the show called animating and he is beyond incredible at what he does.

Tyce Di Orio had to choose a piece by Amelia and Will, their Nappy Tabs number to , to be exact. Mary Murphy gets to pick her piece next and she chooses the brilliance of the man next to her- Tyce Di Orio.

Chehon and Kathryn step onto the stage to perform which is a holocaust tribute number.

She attacks every performance and gives far more than her jazz roots should allow her to.

She has never sat in the bottom three which means the audience likes her. Chehon seems to have hit his stride very late in the competition.

The top 20 dancers all have returned to grace the stage together and it’s sure to be a great show.

Tonight we have six judges front and center- Lil C, Adam Shankman, Debi Allen. They won’t exercise any control over the results but they do get to comment on what unfolds onstage.

Perhaps more incredible is his ability to hold his own in every other genre of dance despite NO formal training at all! Also tonight we’ll be treated to the rest of the contestants and all stars returning to perform favorite routines from season nine.

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