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Our free downloadable employee handbook sample covers policies and sections all businesses should consider including. However, ours doesn’t cover your specific workplace policies and may not be in-depth enough, especially in states that mandate sick leave or add to EEO protected classes (e.g., sexual orientation or identity).

We picked these sections because they’re valid for small business owners in all 50 U. Free Employee Handbook Template (PDF/Word/Google Doc)Before you finalize your handbook, check local laws as well—like those governing sexual harassment or commuter benefits—to make sure that your handbook is complete.

If you haven’t yet created yours, considering downloading our employee handbook sample and customizing it with your work expectations, policies, and details.

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It’s a non-legally binding company communication that clarifies expectations and benefits for your employees in plain language.

Most include information so that employees know what benefits and perks they get, such as time off for sick leave, or PTO.

An employee handbook serves a surprising number of audiences.

For you, the business owner, it ensures employees are given the same information regardless of the manager they work for.

Here are some of the best places to find an employee handbook: Many human resource information system (HRIS) software vendors include a sample employee handbook in their offerings.

Prices run about to per employee, per month for HR software.

For example, if you use Zenefits as your HR provider, they provide an employee handbook sample template and can help you customize it to your company-specific policies. To support their customers’ needs for HR tools, many payroll services offer an employee handbook sample as an add-on service.

Payroll services run from about to per employee, per month in addition to monthly fees.

Federal agencies may take corrective action for conduct and performance deficiencies.

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