Entourage validating and copying link data

In addition, is a good practice to name the lists so you can easily refer to them using their name.To name a list, select the range that contains the list elements and enter the corresponding name in the name box.

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In some implementations, the disclosure provides a processor-implemented method for managing the replication and storage of data sets.

This application for letters patent disclosure document describes inventive aspects that include various novel innovations (hereinafter “disclosure”) and contains material that is subject to copyright, mask work, and/or other intellectual property protection.

Back to top When creating a workbook with multiple different list one of the recommended approaches is to create a worksheet specifically for all the list sources.

For example, you can create a worksheet called ‘List Sources’ and place there all the sources for your lists.

Back to top Note: You can also do a regular Copy/Paste operation to paste the list.

However, if you copy a cell with a value or formula they will be pasted along the drop down.

Now, with your data linked, you'll save time without having to copy and paste dataand will be sure to always have the correct data in every sheet.

When I perform a copy and paste from a blank cell to a cell with data and validation, the validation in the destination cell itself gets deleted.

I figured out that the data validation list referred to a named range.

I’m pretty sure that the named range still exists in whichever workbook this sheet was copied from.

I’d rather not discuss how long it took me to find the source of this problem, so I’ll just post the code I used to find all its cousins.

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