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They also need to learn how to work with interpretors as well as learning about the tools which will be used in VISKA for documenting and assessing competences.In addition to this they need to learn about the possibilities for the migrants to get their formal education evaluated.These guidelines set out how validation of informal and non-formal learning could increase the visibility and value of learning that takes place outwith formal education, and support the transferability of skills across Europe.

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One thing to note is that the guidelines’ broad definition of OER includes both MOOCs and open courseware and it is possible that this may point the way to developing a solution to address accreditation and validation for MOOCs.

Furthermore, there could be an opportunity to build on the Scottish Open Education Declaration as a basis for developing validation policies within Scotland, given that it already promotes the development of a culture of openness around education and assessment.

It can also play a major role in combating youth unemployment by making skills acquired through voluntary work, or during leisure, visible to employers.

A key objective of the earlier edition of these guidelines, issued in 2012, is that EU Member States work together towards national arrangements for validation by 2018.

In Iceland all professionals (counsellors, assessors and project managers) working in VPL projects (for low-qualified people) need to take a two day course before working on VPL.

In the VISKA project there will be a specific focus VPL for migrants which has not been done before in Iceland.The learning experienced through OERs needs to be described through learning outcomes.The status of standards and testing arrangements, if these exist, need to be clear and available to aid validation.What is particularly interesting about these new guidelines is that they place special emphasis on validation arrangements for education and training facilitated by open educational resources, and in addition, make specific reference to the use of badges with OER.For reference, the section that relates to OER is included below in its entirety.Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and open courseware are examples of OERs.

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