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"They made me write and recite, write and recite," Eve told Newsweek's Lorraine Ali. You had to prove yourself to them, and that's what made me a better MC." Eve's song "What Y'all Want" appeared on the Ruff Ryders' top–selling compilation Ryde or Die Vol. 1, and she guested on The Roots' "You Got Me" and on "Girlfriend/Boyfriend" with Janet Jackson and Blackstreet to build buzz.

Eve jihan jeffers dating

She walks the fine line between the empowering, old–school style of Queen Latifah and the trashy titillation of Lil' Kim." She took pride in being an independent woman.

"I don't need a man to support me or keep me happy," she told Interview 's Vivien Goldman.

Eve was born to a single mother and grew up in housing projects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She went through her teenage years without seeing her father and has said she has no relationship with him now. "Rock on the Net: MTV Video Music Awards 2001," 6, 2004).

Eve described her next album, 2002's Eve–olution, as more melodic.

It featured more neo–soul singing mixed in with the raps.

Touré's Rolling Stone profile caught her enjoying her fame and the fortune that followed it: it described Eve and Stevie J driving around Manhattan in Eve's gold BMW, Eve buying diamond rings, earrings, and a necklace worth a total of 0,000, and Eve's accountant, Horace Madison, making her sign a "stupid letter" acknowledging that too many purchases like that could wreck her finances.

By this time, the 22–year–old already had a house in New Jersey, a retirement plan, and an portfolio of investments.

Her backup plan was to become a makeup artist, but hitting it big in the music world made that unnecessary. However, eight months later, Aftermath dropped her, and she returned to Philadelphia, although a song she recorded for the label did end up on the Bulworth soundtrack in 1998.

Fortunately, Eve met rap star DMX, who introduced her to the Ruff Ryders, a collective of producers and rappers based in New York. "They just put a beat on and said, ' All right, yo, let her spit,'" she told Rolling Stone 's Touré. If I [had] failed that, I don't know where I'd be now." Instead, she impressed the Ruff Ryders, and they took her in as their only female member.

1, 1999; released Let There Be Eve Ruff Ryder's First Lady, 1999; released Scorpion, 2001; released Eve–Olution, 2002.

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