Camgrils no sign - Eve online stuck updating character

Managed to get around it and even created a portrait for an alt I created.

Started the client, turned all graphic settings to minimum, and the creator loaded.

Then an audible click and screen flicker as my video resets and I get the message "Graphics Driver stopped responding.

Re-set to safe mode."At this point one of three things happens:a) The screen goes black with a blinking underline in the upper left, as in the old "DOS Prompt" days.

A workaround I use, and have used since Sisi is as follows: Hit ESC and bring up the options screen.

Tab around a few of these screens and after a few seconds the character creator should nudge into action.

Starting the game without going into the character creator works fine.

Worked fine on Sisi a week or two ago :(I think I'm basically having the same problem, except the Visual Studio debugger pops up and tells me the program has stopped responding.

I am having a similar problem, but performs slightly differently.

I am trying to enter the EVE Character Creator from a Lenovo T410 Laptop with a pretty bad GPU.

To whit:1) I can log into the game fine;2) At the character select screen, the character portraits of both characters show the generic "no picture" picture (as seen in my avatar to the left). I get the pop-up saying I have the option of doing Char Gen. At the half-way point it slows to a crawl (something choking?

), then slowly over 5 minutes goes to full;5) things sit there for another 5 minutes.

System specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600)Intel Celeron CPU - 2.40GHz2048MB Ram (2.048 gig RAM)Direct X version 9.0c Video Card: NVidia Ge Force 6200 - 256meg RAM.

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